Image:Top 5 must-hear denture podcasts

Top 5 must-hear denture podcasts

EverythingDentures expert Leif Svensson is a regular guest of 2CC Radio in Canberra, where he often chats with Canberra Live's Chris Coleman. Along with some very special guests, Chris and Leif look at the lighter side of dentures and investigate the latest and greatest technologies around denture maintenance, cosmetic dentures, implant dentures and general dentistry. Below are 10 "must-hear" podcasts produced by EverythingDentures and 2CC in 2017.

July: Your Denture Stories

In July, Chris and Leif opened up the phone lines to take denture stories from the crowd - experiences good and bad, and your tips for denture maintenance and denture cleanliness. Leif speaks about cosmetic dentures and brings some samples in to show, describing how cosmetic denture specialists can tint and style teeth and gums to match your natural look.

August: How Dentures Work

You wouldn't think rendering the host speechless would make for great radio but in August Leif took a mould of Chris' mouth, live on air! This was part of a broader discussion about how different types of dentures work, including full dentures, partial dentures and specialised implant dentures.

September: Fitting a Denture - Live!

First the mould, then the denture! Leif "finished the job" by actually fitting Chris with a denture, live on air. Learn about the process and the benefits of a dental implant.

October: Dental Implants

Leif and Chris dig deep into the world of dental implants, discussing the advantages of the technology, the cost of dental implants and their cosmetic and eating benefits.

December: Dentures in a day?

Leif brings a special guest into the studio (his young son) to discuss the important topic of children's dental hygiene. Leif also discusses the latest EverythingDentures technical revolution - dentures in a day!