Image:Dentures in History - Tojo's Message

Dentures in History - Tojo's Message

When you smile and speak, what message do your dentures send? Hopefully a different message than those worn by Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, following the end of World War II...

Awaiting trial for war crimes, the Japanese Prime Minister was suffering from advanced tooth decay and requested dentures so that he could speak during the trial. Jack Mallory, a US Navy dental prosthetics specialist assigned to the 361st Station Hospital in Tokyo decided to play a subtle prank on Tojo, in memory of the lives lost in the war.

As Mallory and fellow dentist George Foster crafted the dentures for the Japanese Prime Minister, they inscribed - in Morse code - the message "Remember Pearl Harbour" on to the new false teeth, giving the historical icon a smile to remember. Their secret was too good to keep, however, and with word filtering back to his superiors, the code was removed under the guise of some emergency denture repair work.

Thankfully, at Everything Dentures you can expect a smooth smile that utilises the latest in denture technologies so your new false teeth will be pristine and Morse-code free!

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