Image:Airport security denture

Airport security denture

“What the hell is that?!?” he asked as the 50 or so eager passengers raised their eyes at me like a pack of gazelle that just spotted a pride of lions approaching. The statement may sound a little crude and in all honesty these were the words that the Gold Coast airport security guard used as I placed my personal affects tray onto the x-ray conveyor today. Only hours before, I was presenting to a group of dental practice managers and other dental executives. I had held up a full top denture on the stage to illustrate community opinion of dentures and the guard just reaffirmed my suspicions in spades. I am glad that I mistakenly put the denture into my pocket following my presentation.

Today’s topic, funnily enough was all about how to make dentures sexy! The crowd was aghast at the prospect. A denture. Sexy?! Noooo (!!) they had cried out. Sadly, I hear this is all too often as a persons’ first impression when the D word is used. Some of my lovely patients have been married for 60+ years, and believe it or not, even their husbands don’t realise that they wear dentures. I found this staggering and so I launched my mission to make Dentures hip.

So what defines hipness, coolness or even sexiness? My mind takes me to two people. The first is Dr. Ellsworth Wareham and the second, Emmie…

Dr. Ellsworth is now 102 and still kicking. He is a trained surgeon and has performed many complex procedures even into his 90s! On further analysis it struck me how important the role of nutrition, communication and laughter play in the life of this centurion. And guess what, he has a denture and what I love is that it plays a major role in each of these areas of his life. I conclude that this gentleman is Hip!

Now onto Emmie… who is presently 84 and still carries the physique of a very fit 20 year old Olympic athlete. I mean this lady is amazing! How do you smile like she does and preserve such a body? Well, you guessed it, she is a denture wearer and these smile devices feature prominently in her array of lifestyle determinants. A big tick. Do I need to tell you how highly Winston Churchill regarded his denture and denture team, do I?

As the blue plastic tray came through the X-ray machine on the other side, my thoughts went back to my presentation earlier that day. I mentally reaffirmed that Dentures are not a dental industry swear word. Far from it. In fact they play a very important role in the treatment options for patients of any age! Don’t let the repetitive radio ads these days dissuade you from viewing dentures as a valuable treatment option. If they are loose or uncomfortable, it may just be that they were not made by someone who loves this great smile choice as much as I do!