Image:300 Years of Dentures!

300 Years of Dentures!

Recently, The Guardian Newspaper ran an intriguing photo gallery from the Wellcome Collection (London, NW1) which covered 300 years of dentistry. Among the artefacts were some incredible examples of early dentures and false teeth - from rather expensive gold dentures (pictured) from the 1800's, dentures fit for Kings and Queens, partial upper dentures made from walrus ivory and even some Mayan "bling" - a human tooth with an incredible jade inlay (even the Mayans were partial to some cosmetic dentures).

Also included in the gallery are a number of dentures which include actual human teeth, harvested from mortuaries and battlefields (sometimes called "Waterloo teeth"), as well as an impressively springy set of porcelains.

Looking over the impressive array of historical dentures shows how far we have come in the denture business. Nowadays, EverythingDentures can even produce a set of beautiful dentures in just a single day and our high-tech digital dentures and emergency denture repairs are a world away from big springs and hippopotamus ivory! There has never been a better time to contact EverythingDentures for all of your denture needs - and this gallery just proves it!!