• Leif Svensson

Leif Svensson

Dip Dtech, Adv Dip Dent Pros

Leif is an impassioned denture maker. He has a flair for making smiles come to life with symmetry, science and natural characterisations. Leif is presently the co-host of the 2CC Canberra Live radio segment entitled “Everything Dental”. On this show he presents a fortnightly segment that help thousands of listeners by giving key advice on denture related issues in a talk back format. You can listen to a number of Leif's podcasts here.

In 2016, Leif designed and project managed a rapid denture program bringing denture care to some of the most remote communities in Australia. The project was undertaken for the Poche Centre for indigenous health based at Sydney University. This initiative won one of the most prestigious Financial Review awards for community engagement.

Leif has a passion for smiles and would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

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Letter of Commitment

Dear Patient,

Imagine a world without smiles. Imagine a world where eating was simply a burden. I dislike the idea of such a place and yet a multitude of people struggle with these fundamentals every day. I want to help you smile and eat to your absolute best.

If you come to visit me for a smile consultation, I will set out all of your treatment options and help you make the most informed smile decisions. I will strive tirelessly to achieve your smile goals so that you can smile and eat to your absolute best!

Warm Regards,

Leif Svensson