• John Quintal

John Quintal

Dip. Dent tech, Adv. Dip Dent pros

With decades of experience in helping people smile and eat to their best, John is a passionate practitioner with great attention to detail when it comes to your smile. He works tirelessly to take his patients on a journey to finally arrive at the best possible smile outcome.

He has a great love for golf, football and travel. He has worked alongside some of the best in the industry including the first registered denture prosthetist in Australia, Reginald Francis Scott AOM. John has the experience and knowledge to solve the most complex denture concerns.

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Letter of Commitment

­­­­Dear patients,

I understand how important your smile is in your everyday life. If I have the privilege of working with you in creating your new smile rest assured I will use all my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your smile goals.    

John Quintal