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Image:PODCAST: Dental and Denture Implants

PODCAST: Dental and Denture Implants

As part of his regular appearance on Radio 2CC Canberra, Leif Svensson from EverythingDentures spoke extensively about implant dentures and the choices available to patients. Implant dentures present a solution to greatly improve the function and comfort of a denture, especially for patients who ca…

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Image:PODCAST: Dentures and Sleep Apnea

PODCAST: Dentures and Sleep Apnea

Leif Svensson from EverythingDentures regularly appears on Radio 2CC Canberra to talk about dental hygiene and dentures - including denture maintenance and denture technologies. Did you know that dentures (both partial dentures and full dentures) can actually affect the way you sleep? Recently, Lei…

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Image:Airport security denture

Airport security denture

“What the hell is that?!?” he asked as the 50 or so eager passengers raised their eyes at me like a pack of gazelle that just spotted a pride of lions approaching. The statement may sound a little crude and in all honesty these were the words that the Gold Coast airport security guard used as I plac…

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