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Image:Is 2020 your year for digital dentures?

Is 2020 your year for digital dentures?

There’s a reason we don’t label our dentures as ‘false teeth’. There’s nothing false-looking about our custom designed digital dentures. In 2020, EverythingDentures offers a range of digital denture products designed using the latest denture tools and technology, to create natural looking teeth …

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Image:Lost your dentures? Hopefully they're not here...

Lost your dentures? Hopefully they're not here...

Here at EverythingDentures, we often advise our patients to remove their dentures at night, whilst they sleep. There are a number of reasons why this is good practice, including some hygiene benefits, but dentures can also represent a choking hazard. Although this is rare, CNN recently reported on a…

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Image:Dentures in History - Tojo's Message

Dentures in History - Tojo's Message

When you smile and speak, what message do your dentures send? Hopefully a different message than those worn by Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo, following the end of World War II... Awaiting trial for war crimes, the Japanese Prime Minister was suffering from advanced tooth decay and requested d…

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