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Image:Airport security denture

Airport security denture

“What the hell is that?!?” he asked as the 50 or so eager passengers raised their eyes at me like a pack of gazelle that just spotted a pride of lions approaching. The statement may sound a little crude and in all honesty these were the words that the Gold Coast airport security guard used as I plac…

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Image:Dental industry jargon translated!

Dental industry jargon translated!

A lot of dental practitioners (including myself) use so much jargon that makes perfect sense to us but makes absolutely no sense to the patient. Just the other day I was inducting a new denture practitioner to a new centre and overheard at least seven or eight technical words that the patient polite…

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Image:What goes up doesn’t always come down!

What goes up doesn’t always come down!

How do dentures stay up or down? Full top plates typically stay up using suction. To illustrate this why not grab a cup or mug (empty preferably!) and position it so that it covers your mouth completely. Now suck in. The seal created by your mouth and the air seal helps the cup to stay up. Well, a d…

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